Computer Graphics, Fall 2013

Star Faux

Star Faux is a 3D game created by myself and Tyler Raborn. It is an homage to the 1993 Super Nintendo classic StarFox.

The entire game engine was coded in about two weeks. Over 10,000 lines of C++ in 20 modules using the OpenGL, GLUT, and SOIL frameworks come together to bring Star Faux to life.

The spaceships utilize our custom mesh file and 3D shape class, which allowed us to create complex geometry as a single object and also allowed us to add flashing faces for detail.

All of the 2D graphics are .png files created in Adobe Photoshop and imported using the SOIL framework. Our specialized GUI class allowed us to easily move elements around and reposition them based on the resolution and aspect ratio as well as change the colors for flashing menu selection effects.

This video demonstrates the game in action. The low framrate is due to Quicktime's poor recording framerate, not the game engine itself. If you would like to see the game running in 60fps glory, dowload the game now and play it!

This is a precompiled executable .app file for Macintosh systems running Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

This is the source code of the game. Use the makefile to compile on Macintosh or Linux systems.

Unfortunately, there is no Windows version of the game available at this time. You may download the source code and attempt to build it if you wish, but it has not been tested on Windows systems.