The Return of Destroyer C

Yikes, 3 years is a long time without a new post. But fear not!

I have decided to reanimate the corpse of my old moniker. Destroyer C is back, and I'm re-releasing a bunch of tracks in 4 new albums, 2 of which are available right now! Go to Bandcamp and search "Destroyer C" or click here if you are lazy. Destroyer C was a name I used when I wrote music on a PlayStation console with a program called MTV Music Generator. Once I started putting together a proper DAW and got into the remixing scene, I dropped the name and started using Cerrax instead.

So enjoy this little slice of the past and look forward to more Destroyer C soon!


An Instant Classic, Part 2

So our graphics project, Star Faux, won the People's Choice Award at Pitt CS Day 2014! It was really exciting to see our teachers and peers observing (and playing!) our game. It was an excellent field test that showed just how stable and exciting our product was and Tyler and I are very proud.


An Instant Classic

Another school semester down and another project to put up! Tyler and I have finished our Computer Graphics final project and it turned out pretty awesome. After two weeks of sweat (including a few 18-hour sessions in an empty lab), the project is solid and we presented it with pride. It even made the front page of the graphics class website!.

I have added it to the Projects page with pictures, a video, and links to the Mac app and source code. Go ahead and play it now!


Welcome to Cerrax.com 5.5!

Ok, so 5.0 wasn't around that long, and it's because it kind of sucked. It looked nice, but it was weak in the "getting stuff done" department. Cerrax.com 5.5 now with 500% more dynamic content! :P

Anyway, yes, there is a lot of new stuff in this design. PHP scripts galore, some snazzy CSS, and a design theme that is not at all coincidentally called "Dradis" (Where my BSG peeps at?). Overall, I like this design a lot more, it seems much more sustainable. I've added a script to update the front page blog whenever a new blog post is uploaded, the "Current Obsessions" sections contains some fancy CSS handy work and is something I've wanted to implement since I had finished the 5.0 design. The content page uses a great PHP script to fetch all the content for simple design changes. I've also added random quotes with a PHP script, and some CSS that took way more time than I intended. Overall, this has the polish of 5.0, but with actual fancy work to back up its shiny facade.